What is a Blood Blister?

Blood blisters are small fluid-filled sores, which usually appear on or around the lips. They usually appear shortly after colds and other illnesses. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They are often called cold sores, and affect 60-80% of Americans. They are also the most common manifestation of the herpes virus.

The first outbreak of blisters is almost always more painful than recurrent outbreaks. The first time you get cold sores, they will usually be inside your mouth – usually on the gums, tongue or throat. Usually the outbreak is accompanied by fever (hence the name), swollen lymph nodes, and difficulty swallowing. Usually these outbreaks resolve themselves within a week, but treatment is recommended if it lasts longer than that.

Once a person has already been exposed to the herpes simplex virus, the virus lives in specific cells of the body. The virus can reactivate at any time, but usually a trigger is required. Skin trauma, stress, menstruation, sun exposure and fever are all common triggers. When the virus is reactivated, small sores will appear on and around the lips. At first, the blood blister will appear only as small red or white dots, and will slowly develop over the next 3-5 days. They will become filled with fluid, and eventually crust over. Outbreaks are not extremely common, but most people report having about 2 outbreaks per year.

Before blisters actually form, you can usually feel them coming. This is because prodromes, or symptoms before the main outbreak, are common with herpes. Usually people will feel tingling, burning or general pain in the area around the mouth. These prodomes can last anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days. Ideally, treatment should be started as soon as symptoms start to worsen.

If you are not sure if you have blisters or not, you can usually make sure by observing them over 8-12 days. It usually takes about that long for a cold sore to run its course. It will start as a prodome, which is identified by tingling sensations. Next, it will blister and fill with fluid. Blisters usually form small clusters, and are very small in size. After that, blisters will usually rupture 1-3 days after they form. This results in a shallow red ulceration which eventually turns gray. This is usually the most painful stage, and also the stage when the sores are most contagious. After they rupture, the cold sores will usually crust over. Sores will usually be itchy and irritable in this stage, and if the skin gets too dry the scabs can crack, causing bleeding. If this happens, try to keep your skin as moist as possible by using Vaseline or another moisturizer. Usually cold sores take a while to heal, and often 2-4 scabs will develop and peel off one by one before a sore is fully healed. This can be a tedious process, but it’s best to let your sores heal on their own, and not bother them.

Double Chin Exercises for Reducing your Chin Fat

If you’ve ever wanted to discover how you can reduce your chin fat by way of double chin exercises then continue reading through this articles. It will highlight easy step exercises that can be done right now to start to see a noticeably firmer jawline. The very first factor you have to be aware on is when you actually want to lose your double chin without surgery you’ll be able to follow step-by-step here.

Exercises to reduce or get rid a double chin fast are extremely simple to do. They don’t occupy your main time. It’s not necessary to leave your house to complete them. They’re non-invasive and free. All that you should be effective together with your chin exercises is determination. The firm neck-line which will result is going to be well worth the effort.

  • Stretch your lower jaw forward, hold it for 10-seconds after which give it back to the original position. This can be done eight or ten occasions then which relaxation.
  • Seat yourself on the ground and mix your legs within the Indian fashion, or Yoga style. Then, using the tips of the fingers of the right hands the ground, in regards to a hand’s length from your body, balance yourself for the following move. Bring your free hands and touch your left oral cavity together with your palm. Lightly press your mind sideways together with your left hands toward the left side of the neck. You mustn’t press way too hard or you might injure yourself. Press before you notice resistance. Then inside a gentle rocking motion, press only a small fraction more toward the shoulder. Do that five occasions left shoulder and five occasions right.
  • Rotate your mind and neck from left to right, tailgate to cab and the other way around. Do in every direction and contain the movement for that count of eight or ten. This can exercise the muscles surrounding your chin.
  • Stressing the mentalis muscle, which sits within the center and bottom of the chin, helps you to reduce the double chin quickly. Another, much bigger muscle that’s active in the double chin reduction may be the platysma muscle. Tilt your mind toward heaven, or ceiling, and pucker up for any smooch. Stretch your lips toward heaven so far as you are able to. Then hold it for five to eight seconds. Return mind and face to normalcy, the try it again. Continue doing this exercise several occasions.

Carrying out this exercise every single day it’ll tone and set your whole face. You will observe the more youthful look and first and foremost, this process of methods to reduce double chin and chubby cheeks by way of these exercises.

Recipe: Padilla Chile Salsa

Description: The Padilla pepper is a dried form of the chilaca pepper. It has a pretty low heat rating which makes this not the hottest salsa in the world, but mixed with all these other ingredients, I’ll bet you think it’s one of the tastiest.


  • 3 papilla chilies, cut open, seeded, and veins removed (if possible)
  • 1 tablespoon cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon can tomato sauce
  • 1 tablespoon chopped white onion
  • 1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 2 black peppercorns
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  • 1 roam tomato, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt, or to taste


  • Cut the Chile into pieces and submerge into a bowl of hot water to cover, and soak 20 minutes.
  • Put the soaked chilies in a blender jar and then discard the water.
  • Add the vinegar, tomato sauce, onion, cumin seeds and peppercorn.
  • Blend until smooth. (The sauce will be about as thick as ketchup).
  • Heat the oil in a small sauce pan add the sauce and cook, stirring, 3 minutes to blend the flavors.
  • Transfer to a bowl and cool to room temperature.
  • Stir in the tomato, cilantro, and salt. Transfer to a medium bowl and serve.

Preparation time: 20 minute(s)

Cooking time: 5 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 8

Fantasy Abstract Art

Myths, fantasies and magic don’t just exist in our imagination, but in abstract art as well. When these fantasies are translated to abstract art, then it is known as fantasy abstract art. This is a well known form of art that depicts all kinds of stories, magical legends, myths and dreams. Artists depict their own versions of fairy tales, fantastic beasts, Gods and much more in fantasy abstract art. Most of these art works are inspired from legends and myths across the world.  Folklore from China, traditions of Africa and legends of Greece are some of the well known themes used by the artists in this genre. Needless to say, this form of art is entirely dependent on the artist’s mind, dreams and imagination. Moreover, the interpretation of such works of art is mainly dependent on the imagination of the viewer or to put it more appropriately “fantasy lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

Fantasy abstracts are generally painted on canvas using oil paints. This makes the work look more realistic and attractive. In the 16th century, Heironymous Bosch, a well known Dutch artist was instrumental in making fantasy art popular. As years passed by and man discovered photography, art gained new and versatile forms. Artists began departing from the conventional genre making way for expressionism, cubism and abstract art. Mystical forms were imbibed with new forms of art. This lead to the birth of surrealism.

These days apart from the traditional demons, angels and other forms of fantasy drawings, newer versions of fantasy abstract art are being developed. These include aliens, fairies, dark beings, vampires and characters from sci-fi stories. This form of abstract art is perhaps one of the most loved genres and is slowly finding popularity with the masses probably due to the air of mystery that surrounds them.

Zinc cures pain from coronary heart disease

Ok, first, what is angina pectoris? It is the pain from coronary heart disease, and zinc can eradicate the pain. Here is an interesting story about how this was discovered.

Dr William W. Halcomb D.O., with colleagues, was conducting a clinical trial to determine the benefits of zinc for the common cold, with volunteers who needed to be healthy, with the exception of having a cold. All was fine and the test was completed.

Five days later a man came back to ask if he had been given a placebo or zinc, and if it were a placebo, what was the placebo? Being curious doctors, they asked the man what importance this could be; he answered by saying that his angina pectoris pain had gone away while taking part in the trial. Well, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place if he weren’t healthy, but he sneaked in somehow. He continued to take zinc to cure his pain, he returned to work, went snow skiiing, and felt great as long as he took his ZINC!

ADA Officer Claims Sugar Has Nothing to Do With Diabetes

I respect the ADA and their work that brings diabetes awareness to the public. I think the problem here is they have played some publicity games with the whole Obesity and type II. They have refused to accept the fact that they do not have all the answers when it comes to the Obesity and the whole type II link. Outside of the “first world” there are lots of thin type II’s that makes me wonder. Are they all LADA? And if they are then the diabetes epidemic is not a weight issue.

With the stand they have taken about obesity being the cause a type II epidemic it looks as if they have sold out. The accepted the money like a politician would hash money leaving them powerless in helping to bring about change or regulations that affect that industry.

As a type I diabetic along with all diabetics we know that sugar does not cause diabetes we also know that one can avoid sugar and still gain weight even become obese. However they chose to make type II an obesity thing and with the no carb, less carb craze sugar an evil twin to obesity.

Another cent here:

But sugar doesn’t have anything to do with diabetes and the ADA has been saying that for years.  It certainly does not cause Type 1 diabetes.

While obesity may be linked with diabetes, there is no evidence stating that obesity itself causes diabetes.

FYI: That’s one reason I believe your website is doing a HUGE disservice to diabetics around the world and if you as an author were a diabetic you would realize the damage your obesity kick is doing.

How sugar is metabolized by the diabetic is a symptom NOT the cause of the disease.

I’ve spent more than three years researching the dangers of sugars and refined carbs for my upcoming book (SUGAR SHOCK!) and I’ve found oodles of medical studies from such reputable institutions as Harvard that point to the exact opposite…

A diet high in sugary foods and fast-acting “(high-glycemic”) carbs (such as white bread, white rice, etc.) could, in fact, lead to diabetes, as well as many other diseases.

So, to clarify, YES, too much sugar COULD lead to diabetes — this, according to a number of cutting-edge researchers and physicians.

Shop the Outer Limits

No, I’m not referring to the 60s science fiction TV show. That was just a clever way (my opinion) to get you to read this. By “outer limits” I mean the outer perimeter of the grocery store. Most fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, and natural foods are usually located on the outer aisles. Often these foods contain the most nutrients and the least amount of preservatives and added chemicals.

Stay away from the processed foods and junk. Fresh is best. That which comes from the earth especially.

Fastest Way to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Symptoms

Tonsilloliths is the medical term for what we commonly refer to as tonsil stones symptoms. These are clumped up, hardened substances that appear in the fissures of the tonsils.  The makeup of these stones is minerals including calcium, carbonate, magnesium, phosphorus and ammonia. This condition commonly form in both the lingual and the palatine tonsils.  Typically, tonsilloliths can weigh as little as 300 milligrams and as much as 42 grams.

Although they are not physically harmful nor do they cause unbearable pain, they can be a source of bad breath, also known as halitosis. This is the main reason that people seek ways to eliminate them permanently. Small calcifications on the tonsils might be common but when these become too large, you might need to remove them.


Other than the bad breath, one may not exhibit any outwardly signs when they suffer from tonsilloliths.  At other times, when the stones are too large and protruding, they may interfere with the swallowing process, resulting to pain. Severe symptoms associated with large tonsilloliths include rough and extended coughing, sore throat, ear ache, tonsillitis, chocking, and tightening of the throat.  You may also feel as so though you are tasting metal in your mouth because of the metallic minerals that form these stones.

Tonsil stones symptoms are more common in adults than they are in children.  Nevertheless, some adult can go without noticing the stones until they undergo an X-ray or a scan.  Studies on the relationship between tonsilloliths and bad breath indicate that most subjects with recurring bad breath are suffering from tonsilloliths. While only a few subjects with tonsilloliths maintained normal breath.  This means that bad breath is one of the most significant the symptoms.

Diagnosing Symptoms

Because those stones do not always have physical symptoms, a diagnosis of the type and severity of the condition is done after inspection. Your physician may use different techniques of diagnosing such stones including imaging that detects the presence any foreign bodies and traces of mineral.  CT (computed tomography) scans may also be effective in detecting the severity of your tonsilloliths.

Causes and Formation

The precise causes of tonsilloliths are unknown and the formation of these stones is not very clear.  However, it seems that the tonsil stone forms because of an over accumulation of bacteria, fungi and minerals.  There are indications that there is a connection between tonsilloliths and biofilms.  According to this theory, the stones form as a result of accumulated bacteria that form an impenetrable structure.  This structure, also known as biofilm, makes it impossible for antibiotics to treat and eradicate the stones.

Other than crevices in the tonsils, the tonsil stone may form inside the mouth roof too.  Tonsils have fissures that can trap bacteria, fungi and dead cells and when these substances harden, they form such annoy stones.  The stones are typically white or yellow in color and frequently occur in individuals who succumb to chronic tonsillitis or tonsils inflammation.


You need to remove tonsil stones, especially if they are causing you bad breath and pain.  There are several methods of treatment that you can you use banish them.  The options that are available include:

  • -Irrigation involves the use of a machine that jets water onto the stones with the aim of softening them. However, read more about the effectiveness of this method from treatment experts.
  • -Curettage entails scooping out the stones by using a special spatula. This may be effective for large tonsil stones but may not eliminate the bad breath.
  • -Cryptolysis entails the use of laser to reduce the size of the tonsils and thus of the stone.
  • -The use of surgery to remove.

However, it is advisable to read further about the options that you have from experts such as Diane Putman among others in order for you to get rid of tonsilloliths in the fastest time and also once for all.  And so check it out!

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is a low carbohydrate diet created by Dr. Robert Atkins from other diet published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association ” and used by him to successfully treat his own obesity. After baptizing with your name, later popularized the plan in several books, the first of which was ” Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution ” published in 1972. In other editions of the book changed some of his ideas, but kept the basics of the original design . Dr. Atkins died in 2003 and the company he founded went bankrupt in 2005. In January 2006 the company was refloated . Atkins is now a license that distributes food and related products through its trademark.

What is Atkins Diet?

When born , it was a whole new concept of what can be a diet . Nobody until then dared to recommend a dietary pattern fully considered harmful. The diet allowed to eat any amount of proteins and fats, including animal fats , but drastically reduced carbohydrates , especially refined . Atkins said there were two major unknown factors in the “civilized ” diets that lead to obesity . First , carbohydrates , particularly sugar , flour , and corn syrup with high fructose. Second , the fact that saturated fat was considered an important food problem. The reality was – according Atkins – that saturated fats have a very important role in the development of vascular disease, obesity and cholesterol. The real problem (this came later ) were the “trans” fats derived from hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and did influence a lot more in these diseases. Accordingly , Dr. Atkins recommended changing eating habits (and corresponding pyramids) , indicating that the huge increase in obesity and metabolic disorders of the twentieth century had its cause in the consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined . Therefore, Atkins program carbohydrate restriction advocated as a means to force the body’s metabolism to change the use of glucose as fuel and replace stored fat in our body. This process is called ketosis and can be easily recognized by the strong smell of acetone in the breath of those who follow the plan. To achieve this , our insulin level should be low.

How to Start?

There are four phases :

  • induction
  • Weight loss
  • Pre – maintenance
  • Maintained throughout life


The induction phase of the food is first model of Atkins. It is very restrictive and it intends to get the body to the state of ketosis . The consumption of carbohydrates is limited to 20 net grams per day (minus the fiber) , from salad greens and other vegetables like broccoli , spinach , thistles , green beans and asparagus. The Atkins Diet allows you to eat any amount of meat , fish, crustaceans and shellfish, poultry, and eggs up to 4 ounces ( 113 g ) of semi – fluid or soft cheese , butter and vegetable oils. You have to drink at least 2 liters of water during this phase. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited and caffeine in moderation is allowed or prohibited in clear case addiction. It also recommends a daily supplement of vitamins and minerals. It is in this phase induction when more drastic weight loss occurs, especially if combined with daily exercise .

Weight loss

The current phase of weight loss (OWL ) of the diet is a gradual increase in the consumption of carbohydrates , increasing the dose to 5 grams daily each new week . A goal in OWL is to find the “critical carbohydrate level for losing weight ” and learn how to control the uncontrolled appetite , desire for foods not allowed . The OWL phase lasts until weight is placed at less than 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms ) of weight to be achieved . During this phase, more types and quantities of plants accepted induction should be incorporated into the diet , for example , asparagus , salad , cauliflower and a little avocado . One should follow the scale of carbohydrate Dr. Atkins and add fresh dairy products. The ladder has 9 rungs and each must be added each week in the established order . The steps are:

  • Vegetable accepted induction
  • Fresh milk products
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Berries and berries
  • Alcohol
  • Legumes
  • Other fruits
  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Grains

Pre – maintenance

Carbohydrate intake is increased again at 5 grams a day each week of the scale. The goal of this phase of this diet plan is find the “Critical Carbohydrate Level for Maintenance” , the maximum number of carbohydrates you can eat without gaining weight . This may well be above the level of carbohydrates that produce ketosis . In that case , it would be necessary to maintain such ketosis .

Maintenance lifetime

This phase lasts the rest of life. It is to the habits acquired in the previous phases , and avoid returning to the previous weight continue .

Adding Inches To Your Height

Are you interested in finding ways to increase your height? Well you are not the only one. I can show you how to get taller today. Most people believe when they reach around 18 years of age that growth is just not possible. This is not true, science has improved so much in the last 20 years that it is now realistic to grow 2 or 3 inches in 6 weeks, even if you think you have stopped growing.

There are many factors which will affect how a body grows during childhood and after the start of puberty. One of the most important factors is diet and following one that is rich in protein, calcium, amino acids, and calories is very important to stimulate the growth process. You can find these nutrients in dairy products, red meat, fresh green veggies, and fruit. Calcium, as we all have heard, is very important for bone health according to bone doctor. Older people who suffer from sore and brittle bones usually realize this when it is too late to repair the damage. However, with a good diet, you can provide your body with the energy it needs to stay strong and replenish needed nutrients.

We all know that exercise is very important for bone health as well as overall health. By being trimmer and toned you will appear taller, combine this with height enhancing clothing, and a short haircut and you will appear much taller.

There are new ways to increase height and specific programs that will show you how to get taller being developed all the time. These programs combine scientific diets and exercises that will restart the growth process at any age and show you how to get taller.

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